Welcome to the Recycled Haberdashery!

I wanted to have a blog that specifically talked about two things I feel passionately about: re-using and sewing. Preferably at the same time. And while there are loads of blogs for each separately, its often harder to find ones dedicated to both. So thats what I’m setting out to achieve.

In terms of re-use, I’m talking largely fabric based. Sorry, no amazing wood or metal sculptures around here. I’m too clumsy to be allowed around all that dangerous equipment. Maybe the odd piece of furniture though. I’m quite a dab hand with a paintbrush.

Sewing is basically all kinds. I like to dabble. And babble so – fair warning – there may be some text heavy posts. I was taught to sew at a young age and it has long been a beloved activity for me. Recently I’ve really gotten into making clothing for myself (and occasionally others, I’m not too picky). That and quilting. And I’ve taken a stab at knitting. But not crochet. I can’t for the life of me crochet.

Part of the reason I’m starting a blog is because I love reading them. Because I love this community that embraces creativity and ingenuity; the camaraderie and support of others who celebrating creating something, rather than get a disinterested look and say ‘that’s nice’.  And partly because one can only make so many dresses before showing them to someone.