Hello!!! Ok, that was weird. Ignore that. I got a bit overexcited with the exclamation marks. Basically, I’m me: a bit obsessed with sewing and vintage and thrifting and generally making anything I can get my hands on. I’ve got a zipper obsession (don’t even talk to me about how amazing invisible zips are), a button obsession and a fabric problem. I love sewing up a storm from new and vintage patterns and I’ve occasionally dabbled in knitting.

I’m a dabbler and a babbler. I’m an archaeology student by day, working towards directing museums in the UK. But I’m the mean time I’m spending my free time working my butt off and playing around with vintage sheets, quiltings cottons and fun prints.

I love the 50s and use this era as inspiration for my sewing and dressing. I’m not quite up to vintage hairstyles and the like but I’d love to get there. In the mean time I’ll settle for a wardrobe of full skirts and cardigans.

I’ve got an Etsy store where I sell bits and pieces. As time goes on, I’d love to expand into selling some of my quilts and vintage patterns but right now quilted bags is sort of my niche. If you’re interested, have a click before. I’m always up for a chat!



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