In the French Quarter Dress

I look for inspiration everywhere and anywhere. It can be a bit of fabric, some trims, buttons, zippers (!), books, the internet, you name it. A bit one for me is Modcloth. It’s a good thing they’re not a brick and mortar shop here in Australia or I would have bought out the whole place. It just suits my style. Lots of full skirts, interesting necklines, cute knits, and whimsical prints. I’ve ordered a couple of items before both for myself and Bee but most of the time my wishlist comes to ridiculous proportions. It’s rare that I actually buy anything; I’m never sure just how it’s going to fit and what quality the fabric will be. Anywho, I love looking at all the pretty pictures and getting inspired. It’s an amazing resource for looking at pre-existing designs and translating them using the various patterns you have on hand.

Personally I prefer a slightly lower neckline, as it suits my figure. Wearing things with high necks is just not flattering on me, which is unfortunate as there are loads of beautiful vintage style dress patterns available at the moment with raised necklines. Alas, it was not to be.

But I seem to be rambling. Back to the point, I fell in love with the ‘Profesh Opinion’ dress on Modcloth .

profesh opinion dress

Just gorgeous. But there were a few things about it I wanted to change for my version. Firstly, swap the cowl neck for a scooped neckline. I couldn’t find a pattern anything like the open back so went with my TNT Kim bodice instead. While the pencil skirt is beautiful isn’t not what I would wear in real life. I do a lot of running around, and combine that with sweltering summer temperatures, I need a bit more air around my legs. Out came New Look 6242 with its pleated skirt.


I think it turned out pretty spiffingly if I do say so myself. I made a few little adjustments to get the fit just right but apart from that it was quite a straightforward sew. As usual with the Kim dress bodice, I lengthened it by 2cm and took in the back seam. The last time I did this skirt (MOUSTACHE) I need to take it in slightly at the waist, so I pre-emptively sewed the skirt side seams at 2cm rather than 1.5cm, which helped a lot. As I changed the skirt closure from a side zipper to a centre back one, I had to eliminate the central back pleat, which also meant losing a little strip of fabric down each back edge.

The bodice fabric was a piece of navy polka-dotted polyester I got for 50c at a local market. I think it was about a ½ metre. Just enough. The skirt is a plain red polycotton I found at the local fabric shop. There were a couple of different shades to choose from, and for some reason all the others were either too pink, too brown, too dark or too light. Plus it’s my favourite colour, so it needed to be just right.

I think overall it turned out well. Similar enough to the original, but different enough that it meets my tastes. Thanks for the inspiration Modcloth!


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