Crabbie Apple Dress

After the success of my Flutterby dress, I decided to take the leap and cut into my Christmas fabric. Thankfully I have a wonderful mother who loves to give fabric presents, so I ended up with 2m of this deliciousness:

Crabapple Path

Its ‘Crabapple Path’ by Martha Negley for Rowan. And it’s quilting cotton, which is my guilty pleasure. It’s from Craft Depot, one of my many fabric haunts. I didn’t see it in any other colourway, but if I had that would have had to come home too. Initially all I knew about what I wanted was that this had to be a dress. I didn’t want it to be part of an outfit, I wanted the whole outfit. Two metres seemed like more than enough. That is, until I ‘officially’ looked at the fabric requirements for the Kim Dress. As I have alluded to before, I love this pattern. I’m literally going to make myself a whole wardrobe of them with every skirt combination I can think of. Anyway, basically I need 3.4m according to the pattern. Not including lining. Eek!

Well, first things first I decided against doing a lining at all. It’s just too thick when working with quilting cotton, plus I didn’t want to die of heat exhaustion if I wore it on a hot day. Then I had to get creative with my pattern placement. In the end I used the full 2m length for the skirt and managed to squeeze the remaining bodice pieces along the top of the fabric. I even ended up with some left over!

Since I’d made the pattern before. It was a quick sew on the machine. I did my usual adjustments, taking in the back and adding a waistband. Again, I omitted the pin tucks. I think they’re just not my piece of cake. Plus I’m so in love with this fabric that I wanted as much of it on show as possible.

As I had abandoned the idea of lining the dress, my next preference was to edge it with bias binding. Not that I had a blue that matched in anyway, so I went with classic white. And enlisted the help of the Sister for all that hand sewing. She’s good at that kind of thing. I love how the edge looks without any topstitching. Topstitching is great for a shirt or something preppy for my everyday dresses I like something a little subtler. All the interior seams are pinked and the bottom hem is simply folded over twice and stitched in place. I was tempted to do a rolled hem, but thought it might turn out a bit strange with the quilting weight cotton.


I’ve already worn it out and gotten loads of comments. Interestingly, I wore it on my most recent trip to Craft Depot with a good friend and had the joy of the ladies at the cutting table recognizing the fabric! I also picked up a few bits and pieces but I’ll go into that another time.

Overall, a great success. I love the dress, I love the cut and I know it’s going to work well with my pre-existing wardrobe.


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